Pettycoat Lane


Episode Summary

Rachel Rothenberg joins Kristal and Josie to talk about our..uh... vaginal odor. What does the average vulva smell like? What does it mean if a vulva smells like your friend's basement? Let's find out!

Episode Notes

What does a vagina smell like?

Normal smells for a healthy vagina

Tangy or fermented

Reasons for a tangy odor

Coppery like a penny

Reasons for a coppery odor

Sweet like molasses

Reasons for a sweet odor

Chemical like a newly cleaned bathroom

Reasons for a chemical odor

Skunky like BO or a smoked herbal, earthy scent

Reasons for a skunky odor

Fishy or that fillet you forgot about

Reasons for a dead fish odor

Rotten like a decaying organism

Reasons for a rotten odor

See your doctor if an odor is accompanied by:

Menopause changes the pH level with the change estrogen levels. 

Pregnancy changes the pH level too