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Episode Summary

If you were born with a vagina then someday you will go through menopause, or you already have! Is it really as bad as tv and movies say it is? Listen as Josie, Kristal, and our guest Jocelyn talk about all things menopause.

Episode Notes


Menopause is actually three different stages in your life

Pre-menopause: Symptoms usually last 4 years but can last as long as 10. This is when you start getting hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness.  

During perimenopause, your body begins to make less estrogen. This continues until the last one or two years of perimenopause until your hormone levels drop rapidly. You can still become pregnant during this time.  

Loss of estrogen leads to things like:

Menopause is officially diagnosed after you have gone 12 months of amenorrhea (without your period) after pre-menopause.