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Episode Summary

Let's talk about pregnancy! what happens to your vagina when you get pregnant? What happens after you've had a baby? will your vagina ever be the same again? Let's find out with Kristal, Josie, and our guest Jordan.

Episode Notes

Maternity Questions

  1. What is the question you as a maternity nurse have to answer the most?
  2. Do vaginas really stretch out?
  3. What is an episiotomy?
  4. Is the husband stitch something that still happens?
  5. What are my chances of miscarriage?
    1. This is usually the overwhelming fear, so let’s break it down.
    2. Once you’ve heard a heartbeat, chances of miscarriage breakdown like this:

These numbers can vary greatly depending on your individual medical history, your age, the father's age, morning sickness (more can = higher HCG which is good), and fetal heart rate (at six weeks two days, heart rate of 100).

And yes, as they say, once you’ve cleared the first trimester, your rate of miscarriage drops to less than 1%.

  1. Is cramping normal during pregnancy